Mapping The Farewell Tour

Who We Are

We are The Lafayette Trail, a Franco-American effort to document, map and mark the footsteps of General Lafayette during his fourth and last visit to the United States in 1824-1825.

The Lafayette Trail Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase mutual understanding between the peoples of France and the United States, raise awareness about Lafayette's critical contribution to the founding of the U.S., and document, map, and mark his footsteps during his fourth and last visit to his adopted land in 1824.


Our exclusive use of primary-source documentation allows us to tell historical facts apart from local lore. Newspaper account, personal diaries, or journal de voyage constitute excellent resources and are at the core of our historical methodology.

Geographic Information System

Information from research is digitized in a GIS software and is stored in a spatial database.


Data architecture serves the need of the mapping program from the moment digitized data enters the spatial database implemented.

Deploy & Launch

When the website is ready, users can enjoy the results of our work, contribute and share ideas in accordance with the open-source spirit driving our endeavor.

What we do

Our work is at the core of the diplomatic ties between France and the United States, the oldest alliance between two countries. Check out our very unique Lafayette Trail mapping program.

Our Works

Here are some of the exciting things we do!

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Massachusetts Bill S. 2265


A bill requiring the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to erect and maintain Lafayette Trail historical markers across the Berkshires.

NSDAR American Spirit


The Lafayette Trail.

New Hampshire Bill SB217


An act authorizing the New Hampshire Transportation to work with The Lafayette Trail Inc. and The American Friends of Lafayette to mark the trail across New Hampshire.



A French Geographer in Search of Lafayette in the United States.

Consulate General of France in Atlanta


Tracing Lafayette’s trail across the Southeast U.S..

Our Partners

They support us!

I wish here to commend your strong engagement in favor of reinforcing the historical bonds of friendship that have united France and the United States and of which Lafayette is forever the emblematic symbol.

Emmanuel Macron President of the French Republic

France can have no better representative in America than Julien Icher. He is open and accessible. He is articulate and hard working. These things Americans hold in highest esteem. Julien conveys authenticity effortlessly. He is a Frenchman who enjoys America, and Americans naturally reciprocate the enthusiasm. They want to befriend him and they want to know more about the country he represents.

Dr. Richard Ingram Lagrange Internal Medicine, Lagrange, GA

Due to Julien’s efforts we will soon see historical signs along the trail marking Lafayette’s role as the first major French influence in the traditional friendship between France and the US - a fitting tribute as we approach the 200 th anniversary of Lafayette’s visit in 2024.

John Becica Easton, PA

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